Conventional Aerobics and Steady State Cardio Workouts vs Strength Training


Conventional Aerobics and Steady State Cardio Workouts vs Strength Training



By Mauro Simonetti N.D.


It is important to understand the benefits of different exercises so one can make an informed decision on reaching their fitness goals. The truth and FACTS about the way our bodies really operate need to be told and it seems as if the majority of the world is unaware of the reality of certain exercises. Enjoy this detailed article.


It has been documented by many researches that just 1 hour of Jogging, doing “cardio and aerobics”, could burn anywhere from 200 to 400 calories, depending on age, fitness level, weight, gender factor and intensity of exercise. You probably thought you burned more didn’t you? Most people that do any of these exercises are only burning between 150 to 250 calories in that hour due to improper workouts anyway. It is impossible for the instructor to gauge each individual as there are far too many people for one person to specifically and sincerely focus on and for the most part, the intensity on the muscle fibers are not of great quality, especially once the body is used to doing the same routine. So, it is safe to say that one would burn less than 400 calories per hour doing what most feel is best for them. All of this to say: “Who cares about all these calories?!!!” These workouts have become such an antiquated notion nowadays anyway. Allow me to explain…


Far too many people doing these types of workouts and their trainers and/or instructors are way too focused on how many calories they burn while they’re in these classes, but this is extremely short-sighted and I always speak about this with my clients. Stop focusing on how many calories you burn in the gym and instead focus on how your body expends calories outside the gym. That’s right, outside the gym. In traditional steady-state cardio (jogging for example), you expend calories while you’re exercising, but once you stop, you quickly go back to your normal metabolic rate where instead, strength training builds muscle, and more muscle helps you burn more calories which leads to more fat loss, even when you’re doing nothing but sitting on the couch or even sleeping. That’s right, you’re burning fat while sleeping, how awesome is that?


First off, I always tell people, if you want to run, bike, climb stairs, etc…You can do all this outside. IT’S FREE!!! And you are going somewhere, not staying in one place. Get some sightseeing. It is quite offensive how someone can take money from a client to make them jog, run, bike, etc. Same goes for Zumba or other aerobics type classes. You like to dance? Hit the clubs or play music in your house and dance. Did you know that you can burn close to 200 calories in 30 minutes dancing and vacuuming at the same time? Oh, and your house will be clean too, so no more excuses. Also just buying a CD with intense aerobics can do the trick, extra benefit for mothers here, do it with your children, they will get to move as well instead of just watching TV or being on the computer or playing video games.


Also, doing too much cardio induced workouts can actually work against you. Ever wonder why so many overweight people still can’t lose weight doing ALL THAT CARDIO? Did you know that the human body was not designed to run for a long period of time? Did you know that you are actually losing muscle tissue, the very thing that helps you burn fat in the first place? Did you know that too much cardio or running can cause many osteo-muscular issues like tendinitis, arthritis, etc…? Did you know that too much cardio can also cause respiratory infection? Please feel free to do your own research and you will see. So many of my different studies on the human anatomy speak in many forms of this and it is quite severe to understand the dangers of too much steady-state cardio. More and more physicians are also writing articles and books on the dangers of steady state cardio. As an example, here’s a great link I personally like (one of hundreds of researches you can view that show you these facts)…


Don’t get me wrong, it is better for people to do something by just being active than doing nothing, but the reason why I feel strongly of informing you with this aspect is because I know what it does and doesn’t do for you. Every single client that ever came to me from doing too much cardio or too much aerobics work were all weak in muscles, posture and specifically in structural balance. This means your body is off and needs work/repair to align it correctly. Even more, their instructors are mostly trained by a 2 weekend course in personal training with material that dates from 19 take it easy and/or took a course to cover a group class and for the most part, don’t know how to do or can’t do specific design programs that work for AN INDIVIDUAL. Not to mention that their education is very limited and hence, why they can’t give proper guidance and truthful information that can actually help their clients. They have just simply not been trained nor educated for it. Ask yourselves this. When was the last time they gave you any true and solid form of nutrition guidance? Any good advice as to a proper squat or teach techniques in good healthy form? When was the last time they took your body fat? Many can’t and don’t know how too and many are just afraid to do it because they know they won’t get you results. Last question, when was the last time a health professional had the courage to tell you what I am telling you here in this article? I am real in what I do and my track record with my clients speaks for itself. Believe me when I tell you that steady state cardio serves no purpose if real results in body composition and strength are what you are looking for.


Every single client of mine that walked in my office/gym coming from these types of workouts were not only deficient in many muscle groups, but also have never even got passed my warm ups, which represents the first minute to 90 seconds. So my question is; how effective can steady state cardio be? In one hour with me you are not only burning between 500 to 600 calories, you are building very nice muscle mass and exceptional strength and great focus of the mind and my full attention because my groups are put in a controlled training system with a well prescribed and timed program. Therefore, you are also learning from me. I take the time to teach you and guide you in proper training and am able to make you independent and gym savvy quite quickly.


Also, by building lean muscle mass, you will also burn more body fat and keep it off because muscle burns fat. Let’s add another beautiful fact of what coaches like me do. After you are done with your boring cardio classes, you burn approximately 10 calories per hour for the next 2 hours. That’s an extra 20 measly calories from all that crazy running, walking, jumping, screaming and dancing, etc…Now, when you do strength and conditioning training right, you not only burn more calories during the workout, but the best part is that you also burn an extra 10 calories per hour after your workout but for the next 36 hours, which represents another 360 calories. Pretty fun knowing you are burning fat while you are sleeping too. Muscle tissues need massive recovery and therefore take much more caloric expenditure and like I said earlier, your metabolic rate elevates and therefore burns more calories as well. THIS IS SCIENTIFIC FACT OF THE HUMAN BODY!! Muscles are designed to work and feel resistance to get and stay strong so make them work properly by lifting weights. We were designed to push, pull and lift, not run continuously for no reason. Just look at marathoners, they are practically all suffering of cachexia disease (muscle wasting) which is very dangerous, 70% of them suffer of respiratory infections and actually have some of the weakest hearts not to mention their blood levels tend to be super acidic due to high oxidative stress and cortisol is way out of control and this is just to list a few from many problems steady state can cause you.


Now, add the 500 to 600 calories plus these 360 calories, how much did you burn with weight lifting vs. your “intense cardio workout”? So if you know how to do math, which way are you losing not only much more body fat, but gaining proper muscle tissue to make you and keep you strong, lean and anabolic? Another added benefit, you will grow old having powerful joints, tendons and cartilages and biomechanically sound as well and great overall posture as weight lifting is the only sport that can do this for you and seeing how everyone is always stuck in front of a computer and sitting on a chair all day, I believe right there this is much better for helping you with your posture. Also, as we get older, we lose bone density and muscle mass which again, why strength training becomes critical to our health because it will protect us and do the opposite of what steady state does to us. This is just common sense. Basically, weight lifting is literally the fountain of youth.


All these clients that came to me instantly realized what’s for real. Therefore, if you think you are getting great workouts doing those courses, come test my personal coaching or even start with my boot camps and see what proper, effective and well designed training is about. A good coach needs to assess you and guide you nutritionally and via proper training. How do you even want to get proper and specific effective results when you don’t even know what’s going on in your body? We are all different and must be tested individually. It’s not because something works for your neighbor it means it will work for you. Weight loss, management or just getting in shape takes a specific well trained coach that truly understands “YOUR” body.


Remember, it’s not because you are losing weight it means you are getting healthy either. Certain diet programs out there still make you eat foods that are very bad for your health and every day seems like a homework assignment counting points or calories. I keep it simple for you and guide you to proper dieting. Don’t forget, eating healthy is not a diet. There’s another reason why a lot of these diet clients and other weight loss program clients come to me. They simply don’t work in the long run. Also, do they tell you what kind of weight you are losing? NO!! With me, you will know, because you lose body fat and not muscle tissue. THIS IS CRUCIAL to us all. You must understand that nutrition is also the very first step to not only your goals, but to optimal health and only a coach like me and others that studied like I did can help you in this matter.


Thanks for reading.

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