EYE Opener

EYE opener:

By Mauro Simonetti N.D.


As a coach, I have responsibilities and a discipline to my craft that is unlike most other professions. I love what I do and being there for others and watching them succeed is not only the greatest feeling in the world, but witnessing their progress and being part of it is a true privilege.

I try to bring positivity and awareness with my surroundings and through social media every single day so that people can learn and become aware of different realities of health. I feel I am doing my part but I wish more would understand the importance of health. Our health is by far the most important asset we have and NO ONE wants to get sick and yet, it seems it is the aspect that many people take the most lightly for some reason because eating cake or muffins, bagels, toasts cookies, chocolates, etc…driving a fancy car or owning a fancy house or the must have 8$ Starbucks coffee every day makes more sense than to buy healthy organic food. I hear people tell me that buying organic free run eggs are too expensive but yet they don’t pay attention to their daily expenses that for many are not necessary (ex. 8$ Starbucks coffee every day). Cut down your grocery bill from junk to real food this helps too. I also constantly see jokes being posted on social media about ingesting certain foods daily. I am all for having a good time and I too enjoy a nice scotch with my friends on occasions but I am not an alcoholic. See what I’m saying? I know fast food restaurants are a serious cancer monster, I will choose to eat out elsewhere than fast food cancer causing concoction. Even my cheat meals when I have them still consist of real food for example, like a well made old school pizza. I refuse to ingest poison and will not support any restaurant trying to kill me and I am teaching my kids to do the same.

What I realized with experience is that most are afraid of getting out of their comfort zones and the truth scares them so they choose to live in denial instead of trying to make an effort, an effort that can change all aspects of their lives for the better versions of themselves for the rest of their days and hand to their children the education we did not have because we had no social media or internet access to put awareness to our attention and everything was hidden from us. Problem is, denial won’t help anyone, especially not the future and this, for people that have children, I feel they are being selfish and irresponsible. I love my children too much to watch them ingest any form of cancer and I feel everyone should take the same pride and not joke about it and say that ingesting a bit of cancer daily is ok because it’s not. Sorry for my blunt remarks but I know how ill some kids are as I have them as clients and it is nowhere close to being funny. We need to show more discipline as parents if we want our children to grow smart and wise with proper education especially when it comes to food.

I am hoping this article has shed some light to many as it is important for me to see people live better and healthier. I also want people to stop being afraid to get out of their comfort zones. Fear is such a useless symptom and it only feeds the belief that the illusion is reality. With changes comes wisdom and wisdom is the ability to learn from change. See how I put that?

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