Facts and Realities About Spinning and the Reprecussions of Always Training the Same Way


Facts and Realities About Spinning and the Reprecussions of Always Training the Same Way

Facts and realities about Spinning and the repercussions of always training the same way:

By Mauro Simonetti N.D.

I wrote this article because I want to give you explanations that your trainer refuses to give you or…simply does not even have the education to understand himself. If you enjoy spinning and always doing the same thing then I say keep on trucking because it makes you happy but knowing and understanding the following facts are to be taken very seriously. Enjoy the read.

First thing you need to know is that 1, spinning is general and 2, everyone is different and have different needs so telling everyone that spinning is great for them not understanding their present situation and what they’ve been through is extremely simplistic to say the least. Not everyone will respond the same way and making people do something that drives up their cortisol not knowing what their cortisol levels are like or if suffering of Adrenal insufficiency is giving bad advice period! So if these are 2 known facts, then how can something general work on everyone? I also can’t stand it when people are always doing the same thing as well and call it a workout. You can’t always go to do spinning every day (if you do this, sorry to burst your bubble) and expect results. You will also eventually make your body composition awful as it will become disproportionate as I see this often with them and I am constantly correcting this. It is also super important you know that doing this every day also causes your body to create a lot of oxidative stress and puts your hormones in disruptions especially nowadays that people are super stressed from their daily lives to begin with and this is a major problem as it will get worse.

I have seen many cyclists and spinning trainees or instructors that have very bad cortisol and there is plenty of scientific data that supports this. The worst part is that spinning instructors will not tell you this because…they don’t even know this themselves and having helped a few of them myself I assure you I am telling you the truth. I am mentioning spinning but it can also be many other forms of workouts that always repeat the same biomechanical movements, patterns and same muscles. Your body is smart and will stagnate when it recognizes what it is going through. The body needs to constantly be tested with different systems and routines and we are such multifunctional beings that doing something repetitive will cause health issues and/or simply will not give you the results you are looking for. It is also another reason why many give up after a while because always doing the same repetitive workouts it gets BORING! And guess what? You tend to give up and stop and then refuse to train again because you no longer have the drive or will to go back because that is all you know. We need to use all our natural biomechanical movements consistently. If you believe that always sitting down will cause you health issues, then always doing spinning is also true. See how I referenced that?

This is not an opinion but a fact of the human body and anyone in the industry tells you otherwise, you need to question their abilities to help you. You can’t expect to get good body composition and get strong in the process by doing one type of workout, it just doesn’t happen and any fitness instructor that says you could is either a liar or in denial because he/she does not know any better. Every person needs specific adaptations and it’s not because my sister burns fat walking down the street it means it will work for me. See what I’m saying?

Also, our bodies adapt super fast to stimuli so this means that always doing the same thing your body stops to respond. Not complicated to understand this fact. This is why you can’t adapt to resistance training programs because you are always changing and shocking muscle fibers. It is the only sport you can do that will change your body composition. Saying otherwise is psychotic as you are defying real solid facts.

Many people also do these types of workouts because they believe that burning fat is about sweating and the more you sweat it means you burn more fat and calories. This cannot be more far from the truth and it is time you learn this once and for all. First and foremost, understand that the calories you expend outside the gym are far more important than those you burn in the gym. Also, it’s not just about burning fat, because everyone stagnates after a while doing this because again, your body adapted to it and there are hundreds of muscles that never ever work when you do JUST spinning or JUST jogging or JUST elliptical or JUST etc…. get the point?

These are facts, not opinions. There’s a reason why most people I see doing just spinning get no results after a while and most have very bad body composition, bad posture, bad back issues, bad cortisol, muscular legs under fat as well is something I see a lot because most get no nutrition advice and no detox tips to help them with this problem and many also suffer of lactic acid build up caused by acute muscle fatigue due to the fact that once again, it is always the same muscles utilized and this puts too much tension in those fibers and creates these types of problems.

There is a reason why educated people like me always endorse to change and mix it up and teach everyone that the best way to look great for body composition and maximize fat burning has always been, is and always will be strength training! Furthermore, the older you get the harder it is to maintain muscles so this makes strength training critical for your health period. Strength training is important for muscle integrity, cartilage and joint health, hormone balance and better sleep as well and for those of you who don’t know, muscularity also equals immunity which makes it once again, critical for us to live long and healthy. These are facts about the human body and our natural response and not to mention that there is no functional movement to spinning. Nature never gave me a bike to move. This means it makes the exercise completely non-functional to my body and another reason why people that do this a lot get many different joint pains and lose natural biomechanical movements as they get super tight in many areas of their body. I have worked with many cyclists and spinning enthusiasts and I am constantly repairing all these aspects and getting them to squat well is a hard task to accomplish and for some took me a long time to correct.

It is important for me to share this type of information and I hope I was able to shed some light with this article as to why you shouldn’t always train the same way and why it is best to workout with multifunctional exercises vs repetitive ones as we are simply, multifunctional beings.

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