How to Increase Testosterone with Exercise

How to Increase Testosterone with Exercise

by Mauro Simonetti

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is also found in females but in smaller amounts. In addition to sex drive, it is also responsible for energy levels, bone formation, mood regulation and muscle strength. When your levels of testosterone decrease, you can experience lethargy, depression, weight gain, hormonal unbalances in the body and of course, low libido as well as low fertility. If you have an excess of weight on your body, estrogen levels are most likely elevated. This is a female dominant hormone that can inhibit the release of testosterone. Therefore, it is important to keep the body in good hormonal balance and some exercises can be utilized to boost your levels of testosterones and improve your overall well being. The major key to this is resistance training. Here are some tips…

Step 1

Even though resistance training in general will boost your testosterone levels, some are much more effective if this is what you’re looking for. For example, use compound exercises. In order to boost your testosterone, you must recruit a lot of muscle fibers. This can be done by performing compound exercises. Compound exercises are multi joint lifts that recruit more than one muscle group within a single exercise. Examples of compound exercises include bench presses, shoulder presses, pull ups, chin ups, dead lifts, back rows, close-grip bench presses and squats just to name a few.

Step 2

Lift heavy weights. Lifting light weights will build muscle endurance, but it cannot do much in the way of increasing testosterone. Lift weights that are so heavy that you can only do four to six reps when you perform exercises. This is not something you do all the time as it is important to understand that in resistance training, programming and periodization are critical components and hence, the importance of changing your programs often.

Step 3

Perform enough sets. Performing single sets of exercises can lead to marginal strength gains, but it can’t boost testosterone levels efficiently. Keep your sets in the three-to-four range minimum.

Step 4

Do not work out every day. Working out every day will not allow your muscles enough time to heal, and it can also compromise your testosterone release. Wait at least two days before working the same muscles especially in a heavy lifting phase.

Tips and Warnings

  • Testosterone and another hormone called “growth hormone” get released when you are sleeping, so make sure to get plenty of rest every night. Aim for seven to nine hours. Getting adequate sleep can also keep you energized throughout the day.

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