I don’t develop whiners, I develop champions


I don’t develop whiners, I develop champions

I don’t develop whiners, I develop champions:

By Mauro Simonetti N.D., K.in., PICP 2, BioSignature 2


The point of this article is to shed some light as to why you need to develop a discipline when you are in the gym and why it has to become an attitude as well. You need to develop a WARRIOR’S attitude! I want people to change their mindsets as to what it is to work hard and get results because unfortunately a lot of what I see and hear is light years from this mental attitude.

Every day, as I scroll through my social medias, if there’s one thing that I find irritating is to see how many people are posting videos and pictures of themselves in gyms and watching how bad their forms are with most exercises completely done wrong, just doing things for show and ranting as if they are the example for the entire planet. It is unbelievable to me to see how many people are wasting their money to ruin their health and get severely hurt doing exercises wrong and most exercises are completely useless to top it off.

Having said that, what annoys me the most of all this is that during the process for me is trying to understand how people have all this time on their phones in a gym because you see when I train, I am in my zone and I don’t want to be bothered by NO ONE and NOTHING! That is MY time for ME to do my thing and work hard in my environment. When I train, I train so hard that thinking about anything else becomes impossible especially taking my own videos and pictures. Hard for me to think about filming myself when I am trying to bring back my soul into my body, see what I’m saying? Hence why I also look the way I do and get the results I also get. You can’t expect changes when you are not dedicated to yourself in the gym properly. Watching people train just to train and for show is remarkably dumb and a complete insult to the craft of lifting weights.

I will give you a small trick I also give my clients. You see, the first time I ever lifted weights I was 11 years old and I will never forget the feel it gave me. That feeling I still look forward to every morning when I go to the gym. I am still so addicted to that feeling that I sometimes lose sleep over the excitement of my next morning’s workout. My intention every time I train is to work so hard that I have nothing left because I want my workout to be honest for my body and for myself. It is INTEGRITY to myself first because if I can’t be integral with myself, there is no way I can be integral with others. This is for anything in life.

Like I said, after 28 years of lifting, I am still addicted to the rush of the training and I actually enjoy the pain. There are people that will say to me I can’t train I am sore. This aggravates me on another level because you clearly don’t understand and perhaps you’ve been babied your whole life and then you wonder why you don’t get results in the gym. These are usually the same people filming THEMSELVES in the gym doing their crappy workouts because they are sore, lol. Who knows at this point right?

Bottom line, you want results? Stop going to the gym for show or just to say you are training. Go to the gym for war, for battle and induce pain. Deplete your energy and muscles and get that true satisfaction before you leave. It’s not because you also sweat it means you got a good workout. Sweating means shit if you do not feel like you can’t go anymore. I have seen many people sweat just coming up my stairs of my center so sweating impresses the weak, not the strong. The strong, we know better. We know what’s real and what’s not.

I teach this to all my clients as well and one of the reasons why I get results with my clients is because they are thought to be disciplined in the gym and work with this mentality. I always tell them to remember that I do not train whiners; I train champions because I want to develop people with a champion’s mentality and this is for anything in life.

Now go to the gym, put down your phone, and shut everything and everyone around you off and let it hurt!

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