It is becoming quite evident that modern Western society is being ultimately brainwashed and desensitized from the realities affecting our food system and from living as natural beings. We are getting so used to the idea of being manipulated and controlled by powerful mega-businesses that we hardly notice it any more. What is even more worrisome is that our lives are kept so busy that too often, we simply follow authority without any conscious reflex to ask questions. This complacent attitude is not only detrimental to our present health, but will also harm our future generations. The time has come to voice our concerns. Being an advocate of the benefits of ‘real’ food and better eating, it is my genuine hope that I can enlighten people so that we can finally stop being exploited and start to make food our business. I am convinced that by being proactive, we will have the power to instigate a positive change in the world.

At this very moment, our population is the most ill it has ever been in human history, and this is because we are doing the opposite of what we were genetically adapted to do. Industry is now telling us what to eat instead of allowing us to eat what nature intended for us to eat. We are being conditioned to accept ‘cures’ and ‘treatments for precautions’ with blind faith from the very same people who are responsible for putting chemicals in our food. Is it any wonder then why so many illnesses exist today? Meanwhile, it is important to repeat that we are the most ill we have ever been in human history. Humanity cannot keep on blissfully ignoring the truth. It is time for people to begin to reclaim their lives, and gain back their natural instincts to ensure their survival for future centuries.

My vocation in life is to educate people to better themselves and to take care of themselves so that they stay healthy. I have been fortunate to have received my education by some of the best instructors and mentors in the health and wellness industry, and I believe it is of critical importance to make people aware and to open their minds to the truth about the existing realities in our food system. This is part of what I do. One of my greatest source of pride is to be able to change people’s health for the better by applying what I have learned. The biggest challenge, however, is that too many people are afraid to get out of their comfort zones because the very thought of it scares them.

In my practice, I deal with many ill people, and I can assure you that they all became better, or completely healed in the process and guess what? They all did the exact opposite of what media mainstream is trying to persuade them to do and eat. Essentially, I present factual information, and people either take it or leave it. My intention is not to tell people what to do, but simply to help create an awareness on how to better oneself and become healthier. In the end, it is up to each person to use their own judgment. This is easier said than done, as it seems that common sense is no longer common because of all the robotic control that has been induced upon us in the last century. I strongly believe that not only should we be free to ask questions, but that we have an inherent right to decide for ourselves.

Although I am trying my very best with my life’s vocation to better everyone, at times, I have to say it remains a struggle when I see all the work and effort put in, only to sometimes see people not take their health as seriously as they should. It says a lot about our current mental fortitude as well as how quickly and easily we give up, or worse, not even care enough about doing the right thing. Ironically, when these same people eventually fall ill, they suddenly panic and immediately want to be saved. What they may not necessarily realize at that moment, is that the control of their wellbeing was always in their very own hands.

When someone informs me that they have cancer, I usually ask what their diet was like. When they say that their daily food intake consisted of a variation of soft drinks, pasta, energy drinks, sweets, hazelnut chocolate spreads filled with refined sugar, snacks, cookies, and bread (as if it were the only food available to eat in the world), it compels me to put out the question to everyone: Do you think this person now regrets eating all that? The decision to eat cancer-causing foods, or not, is up to each person to decide. If eating and ingesting cancerous products is something you enjoy doing, then it stands to reason that you should not complain about the diseases that are plaguing us, or if you eventually fall ill yourself. The bottom line, do not expect your children to grow up strong and healthy if you continue to feed them cereals, cookies, hazelnut chocolate spreads filled with refined sugar and many other cancerous additives marketed as a health food—this is just plain criminal!

I am absolutely against any form of junk food, and firmly believe it should be taken out of stores completely. There are children who eat junk food every day, and have no idea of the long-term health issues it can cause. To give an example, I always offer my advice and/or opinion on what to avoid eating, and inform people of the highly cancerous ingredients these foods contain. Ultimately, the choice to eat cancer-causing foods lies with them as providing information is all I can do. It is obvious that no one wants cancer, yet many of us are eating and drinking the very elements that cause it. These are the same people that are asking why so many of us are getting cancer. I would like to know where these people have been living all this time to have been kept so blindly shielded from this reality? If we keep following mainstream food, diseases are inevitable, period! The best way to avoid cancer is, of course, to take preventive measures as much as possible. People are running towards cures, but the fact is that they are running from the truth and reality which lie just before their eyes. You want to fight cancer? Boycott processed foods— there’s an excellent start! I am assuming that most professionals have never told anyone this as there is no money to gain in people being healthy.

Ask yourselves the following question: Have you ever seen a commercial that encourages you to eat organic meat, fruits, or vegetables? It is despicable that our children are not primarily exposed to real food. What are we doing here? Do we even care about our children? I sometimes hear stories in my office about parents bribing their children with a treat to get them to listen. Children are not pets! Stop buying addictive, cancerous foods and they will not have access to them. Even better, boycott the cancer-causing foods in the aisles of your grocery stores, and companies will no longer have clients to sell their products to. It is time we make a shift to better our future and this opportunity lies only within ourselves.

All processed foods and fast-food chains target youths and many have mascots to brainwash them. According to the book, Food and Nutrition, numerous food companies target their marketing to children because they have something referred to as ‘nag power’. They claim that customers at a young age remain customers for life. This is why companies spend almost $12 billion on commercials. If you have noticed, most commercials are advertising unhealthy food, especially on channels that show children’s programs. Why do you think this is? Children represent an important demographic to marketers, and their goal is to quickly get them addicted and sick because again, there is no money to be made with healthy bodies.

Lastly, I would like to comment on the perception that we are supposed to be the most hybrid and intelligent mammals on the planet. Clearly, we are by far the least intelligent as what we have basically become is a self-destructive race. As the most ill mammals on the planet, we really only have ourselves to blame. We are literally committing suicide and killing our future, and no one cares because we are kept in ignorance on purpose. Please give this last paragraph some serious thought.

I have included a truly inspiring video of 11 year-old Birke Baehr speaking out with plain common sense after doing his very own research on our food system. I invite you to watch it in the hope that it will serve as a reminder that we need to make it a priority to educate and sensitize everyone, especially our children, to what is going on so they can avoid the lure of a junk-food lifestyle altogether. Feel free to share both this video and article. As always, I welcome your comments.



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