Simpler Times vs. Today

Simpler Times vs. Today

Simpler Times vs. Today:

By Mauro Simonetti N.D.

I decided to write this article as it is I believe important for the psychological mindset for the future of our children and obviously, overall “child health.” Here is a difference of what I observe today vs. our past and I would just like to try to open some eyes and show you the actual dangers present in the behaviors of our society in general and what we are preparing for the future of this planet. Here we go…

Simpler times:

I remember a time where I had no computer, no cell phones (who would have imagined smart phones), boxed tv sets that had horrible images (and there was only one tv in the whole house), less fast food and more home cooked meals, if I didn’t eat it meant no tv and extra punishment, where parents and teachers raised us and molded us for our future, where parents did not feel bad about punishing us, having supper as a family, being taught precious family and life building block values from my parents, where my dad was the tree of the home and my mom the light that fed the tree and the whole household, where we had to go outside if I wanted to speak to my friends or play, we had to go outside and move, where if I even wanted to see if they wanted to play, sometimes the phone was taken and therefore I had to run out and ring my friends doorbells, where people in general were outside and communicated and socialized, better balance of life living, name brands did not matter and even if we wanted them, we had to wear whatever our parents bought and we had to stay quiet because that was the best they can do, we knew how to behave in public, we knew how to cross a street and were able to even walk to school and back home as of the age of 5, when I went to a store to purchase something I got served with a smile and got thanked for my business, etc…


Children are born with a computer in their hands and wait, they also have games and other gadgets galore, today they not only have cell phones, but parents are buying them smart phones (I had no idea your child is running a fortune 500 company, very impressive), not only do we now have a flat screen amazing tv, children also have a flat screen tv in their bedrooms, life is so busy that people choose to cook frozen dinners or eat fast food (cancer filled products) instead of cooking and getting their children involved as well so they learn like we did, you know, spend time with your family, kids eat watching tv or move around playing at the same time instead of sitting down and communicating with their parents, parents feel bad about punishing their children as if it is a crime, children have become the boss, children are no longer being taught any values, dads today are not showing proper leadership and solid father authority stature and moms have let go the basic principle of just being a great connector for the household, kids play on computers and games today instead of moving around and staying healthy, kids don’t socialize in person, their communications are done through facebook and twitter today, ZERO life balance, name brands are crucial to wear and parents are the first to give in because they have to show off or because if they don’t their child will be made fun of from their friends wearing name brands (again, fault of those particular parents), children have no social knowledge of how to behave in public, I still see 12 year olds that can’t cross a street, because the world is so unbalanced and there are so many crazy people, we can no longer trust a child at 5 to walk back and forth from school, when I go to a store to purchase something the employee is mad and I can’t even get a thank you for spending money there, etc…

Basically, what I’m saying is this. Times were not only simpler before but they were more loving and pure way of living in general. Our parents and teachers raised us and molded us but today, we are letting society, social media, tv and rotten music raise our children. Just as an example, music alone is not even music today, it is generic commercial bad display of no talent and our children like it, says a lot about the standards of today’s society. Back in the day, we would stand up for ourselves and we could speak out when we found something was wrong, today we just decide to accept it and pay for other’s mistakes and/or abuses.  People, how do we expect our children to grow strong when we are not even setting a proper example? The biggest issue today is that they are growing weak because you never say one word…NO!!! Then you wonder why they can’t face obstacles later in life. Learning how to deal with adversity starts at home with us, the parents. They were never taught that life is hard and filled with adversity like our parents did with us. Life is tough, and it’s getting tougher and because of that, don’t be afraid to be tough with your children, they will thank you later in life because of it. Don’t be afraid of having people judge you when you’re being tough with your kids, they are the ones who are failing miserably with their children I assure you. Children want everything given to them today because we are letting them grow this way. WAKE UP!!


People are always saying that they want to give their children what they didn’t have. I laugh at this because they are born with already what we didn’t have but people are too blind to see it. My parents had to walk a great distance just to drink some water back in Italy because of poor times, imagine; today parents are bringing their children a glass of water to them instead of telling them to get up and go get it themselves. This is psychotic and unhealthy behavior, period! The problem is that everyone forgets to give them what we did have and this is the failure today in society. It is a stupid excuse and you must stop. Give them back what we had, like love, respect, guidance, affection, emotions, spending time with them, teaching them how to evolve, discipline, adversity, strength, opinionated, strong minded, never quit, goal getters, set an example of proper and clean nutrition, etc… They will have a healthier future, I assure you. People, save the future for our children by raising them strong.

Thanks for reading.

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