The Endless Debate About Eggs


The Endless Debate About Eggs

The Endless Debate About Eggs:

By Mauro Simonetti N.D.


I am as a health professional, very discouraged by the fact that people in general are still brainwashed with the notion that eggs cause cholesterol and because we are in 2016 and we know this is not true and that I still need to explain this daily in my office, I decided to write this article to explain the reality and fact that eggs not only DO NOT cause you cholesterol, but actually REGULATES your cholesterol. First thing I will say is, next time any “so called professional” says to avoid eggs because of cholesterol, tell them to go back to school. They don’t study food and therefore they don’t understand it so listening to these professionals talk about food is like listening to your mechanic speak about doing your taxes. Doesn’t make sense right? When you have weight to lose, do you go see a practitioner like myself or these “other professionals”? So if you know the answer to this question; why are you paying attention to what “they” are saying when it comes to food?

First off, eggs contain what is called a non-oxidized cholesterol. This means it actually affects your cholesterol in a good way and not negative way. Eggs actually help you control your triglycerides too, the very thing that helps balance your good and bad cholesterol. If you didn’t know that, now you know. If eggs give you cholesterol, why does the heart and stroke foundation back it by putting their logo on egg cartons? This is quite contradictory don’t you find? So it’s good for your heart but can give you cholesterol? Absolute nonsense! If eggs give you cholesterol, then why is it that many of my clients have been able to eliminate it by EATING EGGS EVERY DAY? I literally do it on purpose to feed eggs a lot when people tell me they have cholesterol and immediately their cholesterol levels are much better. Our bodies produce cholesterol therefore the more dietary cholesterol we eat, the less the body needs to produce and this actually helps regulate our cholesterol. ALSO, OUR GOVERNMENT JUST LISTED EGGS IN OUR STANDARD AMERICAN DIET AND SAID THEY DO NOT CAUSE CHOLESTEROL AND THAT DIETARY CHOLESTEROL IS NOT A CONCERN OF OVERCONSUMPTION. Apparently, they just figured this out which is to my opinion, impossible as we knew in our practice for years this was not true. Everyone I ever met that had cholesterol problems hardly ever ate eggs to begin with. Says enough no?

Eggs are one of the leading nutrients on the planet to help you lose weight and by losing weight, what does this do to your body, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, CHOLESTEROL, etc…? Every time, as soon as you have a bit of cholesterol, these professionals and society have been brainwashed that the culprit is eggs meanwhile back at the ranch, most people that have cholesterol don’t even eat many eggs to begin with and yet, they never asked back to say hold on, I already don’t eat eggs often, HOW CAN IT BE BECAUSE OF EGGS? If you know you don’t eat many eggs and yet, you have been diagnosed with cholesterol, it amazes me that no one has ever asked themselves this. IT IS COMMON SENSE! So the equation so far is this…you don’t eat many eggs and you have cholesterol but….they tell you to avoid it. HMMM?????  Don’t know about you but to me, this makes no sense. Ok, let’s keep moving forward.

What makes me laugh is that they never ask you do you eat ice cream, chips, chocolate, crackers, pasta every day, pizza, fast food, toasts and bagels for breakfast, are you an alcoholic, processed manmade foods, etc… NO NO!!! You my friend, you have cholesterol because of eggs. Unbelievable!! All people have to do is a bit of research on their own and nowadays is quite simple as we have much information at our disposal very easily. Again, let’s keep moving forward.

So many researchers concluded that whole-egg consumption, along with a carbohydrate-restricted diet, resulted in improved cardiovascular profiles in participants with insulin resistance. What does this mean? It means eat eggs and avoid bread, pasta, chips, ice cream, etc (basically simple carbs and sugars)…and you will actually improve your cholesterol levels. This is exactly what I do with my clients and guess what, all my clients get better and eventually stop taking their cholesterol pills via their doctors because….they have regulated it naturally and eating eggs….EVERY DAY!! Stop the simple carbs and sugars and start exercising as well, those are the culprits to your cholesterol, NOT EGGS! The body doesn’t want these carbohydrates as they are way too difficult to process. We were not designed to ingest manmade foods. Oh yeah, you might want to start working out too and stop being sedentary. Even the Harvard School of Public Health said; “there is no link between egg consumption and heart disease.” In fact, according to one study, regular consumption of eggs may help prevent blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks. This means in English that eggs should be considered anti-cholesterol. Eggs have also been shown to reduce risks of cancer for how beneficial they are.

Here are a few massive benefits of eating the whole egg, not just the white. See why the yolk is so important and actually crucial to our health, because all of this is only in the yolk, the very thing told to you by these “professionals”, general public and people that don’t know food to avoid.

1) Methionine, Cysteine and Cystine (important for antioxidant protection and detoxification).
2) Egg yolk provides Lecithin (protector of every cell in the body).
3) Choline, (nutrient that helps keep cholesterol suspended in the blood and helps remove elevated homocysteine).
4) Lutein and Zeaxanthin (form a yellowish deposit in the macula, the sensitive light-gathering area at the back of the eye. Without these antioxidants, blue and ultraviolet light will cause free radical damage to the eye. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness among people over fifty).
5) Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), which helps your body to break down food into energy.
6) Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), vital for producing red blood cells and keeps your system fertile as B12 works in conjunction with folate (folic acid).
7) Vitamin A (Retinol), which is great for your eyesight.
8) Vitamin E (Tocopherol), which fights off the free radicals that can cause tissue and cellular damage, which may lead to cancer.

By the way, vitamins A and B2 are also important for growth, so make sure your kids are eating eggs regularly, too. I want to reiterate on Lecithin again, because egg yolks provide a great source of it which is needed for proper cell membrane structure, brain and nerve function! Ironically studies have also found that it also helps to lower cholesterol! How do you like that?

I guess Nature knows best right?!!! After reading this, do you still want to avoid eating the whole egg? Stop listening to mainstream and urban myths. Eat the whole egg everyone and get healthy.

Here are other interesting facts…

1| Downing eggs raw won’t provide as much fuel for muscle growth. Studies show that the protein in fully cooked eggs is 91% bio available, or ready to be used by the body. Raw eggs are only half as potent so at this point, avoid eating them raw and avoid risks of salmonella.

2| While a yolk carries all of an egg’s five grams of fat and 186 mg of cholesterol, it also packs about ¾ of the egg’s six grams of protein, as well as its payload of amino acids and vitamins A, B, D, E, and K. This is why many lifters opt for whole eggs plus added whites.

3| Egg yolks contain choline, an essential nutrient that helps maintain brain-cell structure and neurotransmitters.

4| The spindly white fiber attached to the yolk is called the chalaza, which protects the yolk by keeping it suspended within the shell.

5| There is absolutely no nutritional difference between brown eggs and white ones. Brown eggs are laid by hens with red earlobes, and white eggs are laid by hens with white earlobes.

Now go enjoy your eggs!

Here are a few links you can read about the facts about eggs:–naughty–list-122559246.html

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