The Truth Behind the Discrepancy of Fitness Trainers in the Industry


The Truth Behind the Discrepancy of Fitness Trainers in the Industry

The truth behind the discrepancy of fitness trainers in the industry:

By Mauro Simonetti N.D.

I want to start by saying that my intention with this article is to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to analyze and hire a professional in the health industry. People need to be aware and if it takes people like me to make that happen, then so be it. I am tired of watching people swindled out of their money, while also having the reputation of my craft tarnished by so called “pros” in the industry.

I see it every day on social media and I also hear it every day in my office, how people are always looking for a trainer to help guide them to optimal health. Biggest issue here is that many trainers lie or have ways of selling themselves when if they were honest, they would admit that they can’t help, and encourage the person to see a professional with the right education. There are trainers out there that some people swear by and yet, I know them to not only be inadequate, but also have the wrong intentions in this business. This is just one example of many and for a man like me trying to do a lot of good in the world, working very hard and with integrity, trainers like that give the rest of us a bad name. Furthermore, I fear people will label all Naturopaths or coaches the same way because of one bad experience. It makes me upset to say the least because I work extremely hard and with the highest integrity to give my clients the best advice for their health.

Another is to hear how some people go to certain places and are getting nutrition “tips” that are not only flawed but the same for everyone and some have no food education background to top it off. Same with their workouts, they make their programs or their systems the same for everyone. How can you get specific results when you are being treated the same as everyone else? Don’t you take a step back and ask yourself questions? Treating everyone the same and generically is too simplistic and it is in my opinion, extremely wrongful and dishonest from their end to do this and why I feel so many trainers are in the business for the wrong reasons. If your trainer is giving you “over the counter” advice as to what to do and knows nothing about you, he is worth just that, FREE “over the counter” advice! My clients are all treated differently with specific protocols and are trained differently as they all have specific needs and this is why I ask my clients plenty of questions as well. When was the last time your professional asked you questions? When was the last time your professional took your body fat instead of discussing weight with you?

Even my boot camps that contain many people we give our sessions to incorporate different systems so the whole body gets worked properly, not just the legs or curling a 5lbs dumbbell during a group class for 50 reps and call that a workout. Same goes for sweating and soreness. Many people still believe that if you sweat a lot or always get sore it means those are the best workouts. It doesn’t work this way and in the year 2016 it is time you understand this. The body needs to be worked appropriately and the client needs to get educated in the process. This is what you call good intentions and being a professional who actually cares, end of story. Proper training can only come from trainers that invested countless hours perfecting their craft via experience and education and have a solid historic background of clients that back their reputation.

Furthermore, they have the audacity, with a 2 weekend certification, to speak bad about others who have countless hours of education and invested so much time and money in the knowledge of the human anatomy, hormones, biochemistry, etc… and how to help it that instead of being honest they speak with arrogance whereas instead, they should be taking the time and money to invest in bettering their skills to give that back to their clients just like professionals like me do continuously. Sorry but, every day I see this and people who come to me, EVERY DAY see the major discrepancy between me and other “trainers” or practitioners. All those who are invested like me I know who they are and those are the ones I respect and we inter-learn with each other as well because we share information together so we can help our clients. Those of us who care about our clients this IS the way to behave. The day you believe you know it all is the beginning of your downfall.

Then you also have those with 100 certifications. I call them the jack of all trades and masters of none. It’s not because someone has immense certifications it means they are good either. I know some who have plenty of certifications and have no idea how to help people because their problem is that they got too mixed up with info and are now all over the place.

I also constantly have trainers from commercial gyms and/or other facilities that I take in regularly to teach them many things. It is horrid to still hear trainers in the year 2016 say to their clients when you squat, don’t make your knees pass your toes and then people wonder why they don’t get proper results and even get injured in the process. They get a poor 2 weekend certification where the material they studied contains very old and antiquated content and then call themselves personal trainers. What’s more offensive to guys like me is that we know MUCH better and yet we have to see people pay money for trainers that offer this kind of advice. Talk about a serious waste of money, and to add to the insult, a serious offense to my practice and craft.

When you look for a good trainer or health coach, ask around because those of us who have helped so many with great results and good history, people will talk about us. It is called a good and concrete reputation.

It is important for me and guys like me who invest a great deal in our career that we are transparent especially through our work. When people in the business try to insult our craft it is extremely offensive to those of us who invest legitimately countless hours and dollars to provide the best information and best service to our clients and this is why I had to share my thoughts in this article.

Words to remember: The most expensive professionals are the ones that don’t know what they are doing or talking about so if you think that it’s expensive to hire a real professional, wait until you hire an amateur.


Thanks for reading.

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