Tips for Young Coaches and Health Practitioners


Tips for Young Coaches and Health Practitioners

Tips for young coaches and health practitioners:

By Mauro Simonetti N.D.

I keep watching a lot of coaches, especially the younger ones collecting certifications all over their walls and proudly displaying them for all to see the amount of knowledge they collected but yet for many of them you hear them speak, unfortunately they are all over the place or literally have no idea what they are saying. They collected so much information and data in such a short amount of time that their ideas, plans of actions and protocols are all over the map and they actually have no idea how to apply their knowledge anymore. Literally there’s just way too much going on in their heads right now and at this point, their certifications only become a piece of paper with their names on them and it ends there. Listen, I’m all for education and I will be the first to tell you to do so and invest in many courses as I did, still doing and will keep doing for the rest of my life, especially in our field as it is something we need to continuously do to stay on top but I also believe you need to follow them by steps in your career and do them timed because the best school is your personal experience with your clientele.

I also believe you should MOSTLY pick and choose the courses that you feel will help you excel in what you need to improve more on or want to specialize in and go from there and this is only something you will learn and appreciate with time. Do not just take courses to impress people that come in your office with a wall of certifications or just because you want to tell people “hey I am certified in hormone therapy” for example. The worst part is that I heard some who just got their certifications telling their clients they are specialists and pros. Really? Let me tell you, you are not a specialist and definitely not a pro. I also heard one who took a rehab course tell people he was a specialist in rehab. You don’t become a specialist after a certification, you become one with time by gaining experience and perfecting your knowledge and also taking further courses. I see many people drive cars every day because they have a driver’s license and gives them the right to drive a car but the reality is that I don’t see many good drivers out there. See what I’m saying? Bottom line, did you actually learn and are you able to apply what you learned?

This is why in my personal practice I know what I excel in and what I specialize in and I keep perfecting those attributes so I can be the best at that and not go all over the map and become the jack of all trades and master of none. What I am weaker on, I have contacts I prefer to refer to if I feel my clients need them. Example, I will not pretend to be an Olympic lifting coach when I specialize in strength and conditioning. If you want to perfect yourself in Olifts, I will send you to some guys I know and trust that are some of the best in the business and have made countless champions as Olympians. Know and learn with time what you prefer and focus on that and become a leader in the industry by focusing on those strengths and not become mediocre at everything. Perhaps this is just my opinion but rest assured it is a good one as I know I am wise enough to give this opinion because of my experience as a health professional having helped hundreds of people in my career and as a wise man, period.

Another advice for you all who are trying to build your clientele, I am fed up of hearing the different types of psychotic “bro science” recommendations and protocols out there that also cost their clients a fortune. I once gave a conference for certain protocols and one practitioner when I asked what you would do had the client buy 500$ worth of stock. I had to retain myself from losing my composure with this young practitioner who was insisting after I told him that my client would leave with 3 products MAX for about 100$ that keeps it to the point and simplistic with direct and effective results. I asked him what is the purpose of doing such a lunatic protocol and he couldn’t answer me but when the class started and we all presented ourselves he ranted about how many certifications he had and did a great job at showing himself off to everyone. The sad part is that there are many like this and gives professionals like me a bad name. The best approach especially when starting with a client is FOOD FIRST! You can add some basic supplementation but FOOD FIRST! Not the “protocol kit from the heavens.”

Same thing when it comes to detoxes, please apply food first. Many coaches and Naturopaths out there don’t seem to know that when you apply food correctly, the body is actually detoxing this way as well. I guess all those degrees didn’t teach the basics for many. It’s a shame because these are the ones making the others who work well and with integrity look bad.

To end, please, start with the basics and as you grow in experience and clientele, you can then slowly but surely know more of what to do and also know more of which courses you should take. This is the way you prefect your craft and become great at what you do not by becoming everything and then not sure what and how to apply your knowledge. You need to be sharp at your profession and not have vague ideas as people will see through you. I hope that this article will be appreciated as my only intention from it is to help you with your careers, your performance as a professional but most of all, your clients who are paying you and trusting you with their health. It is important in what we do that we keep a norm of professionalism and integrity towards our clients who are trying to get better. Remember, if you are not thinking about your client, you are not doing it for the right reasons and this is also transparent and you shouldn’t be in this profession.

Thank you for reading.

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