When Resistance Training Is Porperly Introduced and What To Look For In A Good Coach

When Resistance Training Is Porperly Introduced and What To Look For In A Good Coach

When resistance training is properly introduced and what to look for in a good coach:
By Mauro Simonetti

I often hear people say to me stuff like:

  • “I hate it because I don’t know what I’m doing with weights.”
  • “I never got the results I wanted.”
  • “I find it boring.”
  • “I’m scared to get hurt because I don’t know what I’m doing.”
  • “My sessions are too long so after a while I quit.”
  • “I don’t have time to include weight training.”
  • “Because I am not well educated I am always doing the same program my trainer gave me when I started (before Christ).”

Do these quotes sound familiar? The main reasons why many people feel this way is because they are being badly introduced to weight lifting to begin with and by part time personal trainers in commercial gyms who for 90% of them do this as a side job or while they are still in school studying to become something else but in the meantime, they are “trainers” taking over 60$/hour from you and giving you all the wrong tools and false information, false range of motions, false “bro science” opinions, false nutrition tips, etc…They are false trainers, period! They take a 2 weekend course while studying to become an accountant, lawyer, photographer, etc…but “bro, in the meantime, I’m the greatest trainer ever.” It is an insult to my craft plain and simple.

When I was in commercial gyms myself training or working and I observed how the trainers worked, I would hate training as well if I listened to them. Not only did they make SO MANY mistakes in exercise application and prescription but what they were saying and applying with their clients was awful and wrong, and the routines were also very boring (I am saying boring not to say crap, oops, I said it). Especially when they put their clients for 30-40 minutes on a treadmill and expect them to stay encouraged to train and these clients are paying the trainer to watch them run (if this is you right now, get your money back and fast). Also, remember, it’s not because they got a degree it means they know what to do. Everyone has a driver’s license which gives you a right to drive but only a very few actually know how to drive, lol. See what I’m saying? Teaching people to train right and disciplined is the same thing. I’ve seen some trainers look really good and train quite well but when trying to coach a client, they were very poor. You either have it or you don’t and the good coaches stand out believe me. There’s a serious discrepancy in the industry and I want to teach people today on what to look for and why it’s important that you are properly introduced to weight lifting.

There’s a reason why people always got more connected with me. They saw results on me and my clients or people I guided. They observed with me it was motivating and fun and my language was EDUCATIONAL and MADE SENSE and the workouts were under 50 minutes all the time and there is ALWAYS a sophisticated collection of exercises put together that fits YOUR specific needs and not your brother, sister, friend, neighbor, etc… I also explain in detail why and what we are aiming concerning YOUR goals, not mine. I am very proud to say that with all the clients I have helped, all of them have retained weight lifting as their primary form of training and they are loving it! Even those who at first didn’t want or were skeptic because of past experience and this says a lot about my work and dedication and that I am able to teach weight lifting the right way and having fun with it.

I have many clients that train in different gyms with my programs I designed for them and they always tell me when they train with my programs in these gyms, many people walk up to them, including the trainers there, always asking them where my clients got so good at training and that they are so organized and disciplined. They buzz on my client’s forms, patterns and the way they apply themselves in terms of discipline and system. My clients tell me that people tell them they stand out in the gym and the results are unbelievable. They are also thought to be in their zone while training and not socializing and this matters immensely. By the way, just a quick advice, if your gym is playing Céline Dion or Taylor Swift while you’re trying to perform deadlifts, you might want to find another place to lift to begin with before you lose the rest of your testosterones. Hard to make serious gains in a gym that plays love songs when you’re trying to max out the most out of your body.

I can also say that by my personal experience, those of us who are Poliquin certified also stand above in the industry as we have been given incredible tools and education of the iron game by some of the best in the world and I am proud of that. I have invested dearly in my craft to give back to my clients because this is what they deserve. This is not to say that if you are not Poliquin certified you are not good as I have seen many that were not with Poliquin and I was very impressed by their knowledge and skills. However, these were people I met that read a lot, study and also for many, still follow Poliquin principles by far. At the end, if there’s a HUGE recommendation and/or advice I can give you all is this. Make sure your coach is VERY passionate of what he does. This is something you will sense immediately. My clients tell me they feel this in me within the first few seconds they are with me. Passion of your work or career translates into your craft so if you don’t feel it with the coach, you need to invest in another coach because there’s a good chance this person is in it for the wrong reasons.

Make sure as well that your coach takes the time to test you and follow your progressions because if he does not, then there’s a good chance he is afraid of the results he is giving you and also lacks the proper education. Furthermore, make sure the coach asks you questions because there is no way anyone can help you if they don’t know anything about you. I know practically everything about each and every client I have and this is why I get them where they want. When I’m at the line of the grocery store and I hear a trainer telling people what they should do over the counter, well, sorry but that is probably all he’s worth, FREE over the counter advice. Some things you can give as advice but giving specific recommendation to someone you know nothing about is amateurish and no one should be paying you. I also recommend you ask around for a good coach because reputed coaches have a strong list of successful clients and these clients will not hesitate to refer you to these reputed coaches.

Last thing, a good coach is someone who takes pride in his work and teaching others what they know. A good coach is someone who sees a client that invests in him for his information and education and must give it to them. Some coaches hold stuff back to retain clients and this is wrong. If you do your job right, people will refer you others not only because of the results, but also because of your service, integrity and honesty in your work.

I hope with this article I was able to clarify how to hire the right coach and that when you are introduced the proper way to weight training you will actually enjoy it and what to look for when hiring a coach. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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