• Is there parking at your health center?


  • Do you have private showers we can use at your health center?


  • Will I get an insurance receipt for Naturopathy, Massage, or a Psychology session?


  • What is the minimum age to train?

    Every member must be 15 years of age and older for Group classes and 8 for private training. Minors must register in person, accompanied by a parent (or legal guardian).

  • Will the classes be too hard for me? Will they be too easy for me?

    They will not. All classes range for every level and if you are limited, we accustom to your need and potential.

  • Are there any registration, or activation fees?

    No!  The prices posted are the prices you pay.

  • Up to how many people can I have a semi-private training with?

    You can train in a. semi-private class with up to. 3 people.

  • What do I bring?

    A towel, and a water bottle.

  • What do I wear?

    Comfortable running/training shoes and comfortable, breathable fabrics.